How sponsored post help you to position your website?

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Creating your business website is just the first step of a long journey, which goes through SEO and Digital Marketing. Having a website with little traffic will not help you get more customers, so the big challenge after developing the website is increase your site visibility, to reach as many people as possible, and sell […]

The 5 most important SEO factors for positioning your website

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Positioning a website is not easy in a competitive environment. Hundreds of businesses are looking for the same thing, to appear in the first results of Google for searches related to their subject matter, who will achieve it will depend on several reasons, SEO is one of them. There are more than 200 SEO factors […]

What are backlinks?

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Backlinks are inbound links from one website to another, in other words, they are direct links from websites, blogs, newspapers and other digital platforms to a website. For example, imagine that a newspaper publishes an article about your company, and at the end of the article adds the URL of your website with a direct […]

What is an anchor text?

what is the anchor text of this link

The anchor text is the word or phrase used to include a hyperlink to another page within the same website or to another website, in other words, it is the descriptive text of a backlink. When the user clicks on the anchor text they are redirected to the address contained in the link. For example, […]