Creating your business website is just the first step of a long journey, which goes through SEO and Digital Marketing. Having a website with little traffic will not help you get more customers, so the big challenge after developing the website is increase your site visibility, to reach as many people as possible, and sell more.

Sponsored articles are an excellent way to achieve this goal, and are a key piece to improve your search engine rankings. Want to know more? Keep on reading.

What is a sponsored post?

Generally speaking, a sponsored post is an article published in a digital media that charges a fee for this service. The price varies depending on the media, taking into account the site’s metrics.

Promoting in traditional advertising media is not affordable for everyone, but “advertising” in digital media using the strategy of sponsored posts is. Digital marketing was a revolution in this sense, since it makes available to everyone the possibility of being known in the digital environment.

However, sponsored posts have some specific characteristics, and it is important that you know them.

A sponsored article is more than a simple advertisement. To be effective, they must be written in an interesting way, offer valuable information, meet SEO requirements and use good copywriting to attract and persuade potential customers.

 Guest posts service in the light of digital marketing

The publication of sponsored articles is one of the most effective tools used in content marketing and link building, so it is considered indispensable in any digital marketing strategy.

A high quality article in a major media will allow you to generate referral traffic, increase your visibility, climb positions in search engines and build a positive image of your business or personal brand.

Google rewards with better positions to articles that offer valuable content from the point of view of the Internet user, however, to maximize their potential it is important that they meet some SEO requirements, for this reason, to hire this service it is important that you provide the appropriate indications in this regard.

For example, you have to indicate the theme of the post, the main keywords you want to work with and select the anchor texts of the links that will point to your website.

Tools such as the Google Keyword Planner or Keyword Tool can help you plan your content marketing effectively.

SEO advantages of sponsored articles

Still wondering if publishing sponsored articles is a good option? We’ll help you to find out. Below we will review how this type of indirect “advertising” can impact the positioning of your website.

1. They act as votes of confidence

Sponsored articles include direct external links to your website, which indicates to search engines that your website and content is worthy of mention.

In fact, backlinks are among Google’s top ranking factors, as long as they come from authoritative sites, and are built naturally and sustained over time. On the other hand, bad backlinks have the opposite effect and can even generate a penalty.

As far as inbound links are concerned, quality is more important than quantity. In Google’s eyes, 1 link from a high authority website, such as the newspaper El País, is more valuable than 50 backlinks from blogs without authority.

2. They increase web traffic

The publication of sponsored posts on reputable sites is very effective in increasing your web traffic, which is a great boost to the popularity and trust of the domain.

Thanks to these publications, you will receive a lot of referral traffic, highly qualified and more likely to browse your website and consume your content, which will improve the domain metrics positively impacting the positioning of the site.

3. Reinforce the theme of the site

The use of keywords in the sponsored article helps to reinforce the theme of your website, either in terms of the services you offer or the products you sell.

They are also great for building brand recognition. Having influential media outlets publish quality articles mentioning your brand, and encouraging their readers to learn more about your business helps reinforce your brand online.

However, sponsored posts should not be used solely to create links and backlinks, as Google and other search engines consider the extensive use of this technique as spam, which if poorly implemented can also be considered a violation of Google’s webmaster guidelines, which can lead to a site penalty.

Remember that SEO is not a ‘sprint’ but a long-distance race. The key is naturalness and spacing over time. Do you want to start promoting your website? Discover BeeLinko, the largest Guest posts service price comparator on the market, and save up to 50% on your linkbuilding campaign.

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